A Better Way to Maintain Your Laundry Equipment

Let Expert Laundry Repair prove to you there's a better way to maintain your laundry equipment. Giving you convenience and peace of mind with our repair service and maintenance.

A clean, comfortable night’s stay is what you promise your guests. Let Expert Laundry Repair help you keep your promise by keeping your house laundry running at max capacity.

Property Owners and Managers
Keeping your tenants happy is OUR number one goal. Let Expert Laundry Repair keep your laundry equipment running so your tenants keep their laundry monies on site.

Schools and Campus
Student laundry facilities are busy areas! Many need to be up and running 24/7. Rely on a dependable company to guarantee up-time.

Hospitals and Medical Centers
From mop heads to room curtains, you want to keep it clean. Expert Laundry Repair will keep your machines in service, so you don’t need to export your laundry.

Coin Laundries
A machine sitting out of order may as well be a boat anchor. Expert Laundry Repair can get your laundry equipment back in service and earning you money.

Long Term Care
Clean linen is a HUGE part of your business. Expert Laundry Repair truly understands the importance of your On-Premise Laundry needs.

Salons and Spas
From coin operated commercial units to your run of the mill washer dryer, Expert Laundry Repair will help you keep your sheets and towels fresh and clean so your professionals can focus on their work.


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