Expert Laundry Repair Tech Tips

Dryers Breathe?
Dryers, like most animals, need fresh “make up” air to operate properly. In these cold winter months, most people are trying to seal up their buildings / homes as tight as possible to keep the hot air in and the cold air out.

What a lot of people don’t take into consideration is, without proper make up air, your dryer(s) are exhausting quite a bit of that “conditioned” air to the outdoors. And with HVAC units also running full force, this drastically limits the available make up air needed for proper combustion in your dryer(s). This will cause poor drying performance, lint accumulation and carbon / soot buildup on dryer burner tubes that may end up on your linen. Limited make up air may also be the cause of several different error code issues such as “sail switch” and “vacuum switch” errors.

If you think you may have a make-up air issue or you’re experiencing poor dryer performance, call out the Experts to assess your laundry room needs. Having proper make up air will increase your laundry production and decrease your energy usage. Remember, airflow is KING!!

Water Bill At Your Facility Going Up With Nothing Obvious Being The Issue?
Laundry machine repairs and maintenance can help with any leaky drain valves in one or more of your washing machines.

During a wash cycle, is there water coming out of your washer drain? If the seal in the drain valve is worn or torn or something is caught in your drain you will lose water during the cycle. This will cause your washer(s) to refill several times to compensate for the water that’s being lost.

This can add significant costs to your laundry operation. In some models this will also cause fill errors (Maytag error F7, Speed Queen error EFL, Wascomat error 01E) which will interrupt the cycles. Regular maintenance of your washer drain valves will save you money in the long run.

Call Expert Laundry to do a thorough inspection of you washer(s) to make sure you’re not flushing your laundry budget down the drain. If you have a commercial washer and commercial dryer and need repairs in the Cleveland/Akron area Expert Laundry Repair service is here to help!

Commercial Dryer Repair with Error Codes (Electrolux / Laundrylux / Wascomat Commercial Dryers) 
Diagnosing error codes in a commercial dryer at your laundromat can be time consuming. Some common errors are E15 | E14 | E08 and thankfully some of these may be easily fixed. As always if you have questions regarding your commercial dryer repair in Cleveland, Akron, Canton or surrounding areas, please give our service experts a call! We specialize in both commercial dryer and washer repair in Northern Ohio. Emergency service is available.

If you are getting persistent air flow, vacuum, ignition or over heating errors (E15 – E14 – E08 etc.) on your Electrolux / Laundrylux / Wascomat commercial dryers check the lint screens/drawers. Not just for regular lint cleaning but for excessive build up in the “pores” of the screens.

Pull the screens out and hold them up to the light. If you can’t see through them, no air will be able to move through them. And as we all know, air flow is king!

Another clue to this issue is if all of your lint is gathering in just a few spots of the screen. A fully functional screen will be pretty much evenly coated with lint after several cycles. Hot water, a scrub brush and some elbow grease usually removes most of the buildup. No need to let them dry before they’re reinstalled.

If your issues still persist, contact Expert Laundry Repair 330.421.7554. We will send out an Expert to get your dryers back in service. We are the pros when it comes to diagnosing commercial dryer repair codes! Expert Laundry Repair, LLC.


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